Essential Pascal

Essential Pascal

Essential Pascal is an introduction to the foundations of the language invented by Professor Nicklaus Wirth and spread by Borland with its world-famous Turbo Pascal compilers during the 1980s. The 100-page book doesn't cover the OOP extensions, but details many features Borland added to the core language over the years. The following is a list of this e-book's chapters, available at

Chapter 1: "Pascal History"

Chapter 2: "Coding in Pascal"

Chapter 3: "Types, Variables, and Constants"

Chapter 4: "User-Defined Data Types"

Chapter 5: "Statements"

Chapter 6: "Procedures and Functions"

Chapter 7: "Handling Strings"

Chapter 8: "Memory (and Dynamic Arrays)"

Chapter 9: "Windows Programming"

Chapter 10: "Variants"

Chapter 11: "Programs and Units"

Chapter 12: "Files in the Pascal Language"

Appendix A: "Glossary of Terms"

Appendix B: "Examples"

As you can see on the website, the book has been translated by volunteers into quite a few languages.

Part I: Foundations