List of Listings

List of Listings

Chapter 3: The Run-Time Library

Listing 3.1: The definition of the TObject class (in the System RTL unit)

Chapter 4: Core Library Classes

Listing 4.1: The Definition of the TPersistent Class, from the Classes Unit
Listing 4.2: The Public Portion of the Definition of the TStream Class

Chapter 5: Visual Controls

Listing 5.1: An XFM File (Left) and an Equivalent DFM File (Right)

Chapter 6: Building the User Interface

Listing 6.1: Key Portions of the DFM of the Pages Example
Listing 6.2: A Sample Manifest File (pages.exe.manifest)
Listing 6.3: The Actions of the Actions Example

Chapter 8: The Architecture of Delphi Applications

Listing 8.1: A Simple Unit for Testing Memory Leaks, from the ObjsLeft Example

Chapter 9: Writing Delphi Components

Listing 9.1: Code of the TMdFontCombo Class, Generated by the Component Wizard
Listing 9.2: A Component that Refers to an External Component Using an Interface
Listing 9.3: The Classes for a Collection and Its Items

Chapter 10: Libraries and Packages

Listing 10.1: The IntfColSel Unit of the IntfPack Package

Chapter 13: Delphi's Database Architecture

Listing 13.1: The DFM File of the MyBase1 Sample Program
Listing 13.2: The Public Interface of the TDataSet Class (Excerpted)

Chapter 14: Client/Server with dbExpress

Listing 14.1: The Core Method of the UniPrint Example

Chapter 16: Multitier DataSnap Applications

Listing 16.1: The Definition of the IAppServer Interface

Chapter 17: Writing Database Components

Listing 17.1: The DrawCell Method of the Custom RecordView Component
Listing 17.2: The Declaration of TMdCustomDataSet and TMdDataSetStream
Listing 17.3: The Contrib.INI File for the Demo Application
Listing 17.4: The InternalInitFieldDefs Method of the Stream-Based Dataset
Listing 17.5: The Complete Definition of the TMdObjDataSet Class

Chapter 19: Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy

Listing 19.1: The TFindWebThread Class (of the WebFind Program)

Chapter 20: Web Programming with WebBroker and WebSnap

Listing 20.1: The menu.html File Included in Each Page of the WSnap2 Example
Listing 20.2: AdapterPageProducer Settings for the WSnapTable Main Page
Listing 20.3: AdapterPageProducer Settings for the formview Page

Chapter 21: Web Programming with IntraWeb

Listing 21.1: Properties of the IWDBGrid in the IWGridDemo Example

Chapter 22: Using XML Technologies

Listing 22.1: The Sample XML Document Used by Examples in this Chapter

Chapter 24: The Microsoft .NET Architecture from the Delphi Perspective

Listing 24.1: The Project of the DestructorTest Example
Listing 24.2: The Unit of the DestructorTest Example

Chapter 25: Delphi for .NET Preview: The Language and the RTL

Listing 25.1: The ReflectionUnit Unit of the CLRReflection Example

Part I: Foundations