Chapter 11: Modeling and OOP Programming (with ModelMaker)

Chapter 11: Modeling and OOP Programming (with ModelMaker)


When Borland decided to provide a UML design solution for the Enterprise and Architect editions of Delphi 7, it chose to bundle ModelMaker, by ModelMaker Tools of Holland ( ModelMaker is a high-quality UML design tool with integration into the Delphi IDE. But as you become acquainted with ModelMaker and over the course of this chapter, you'll see that ModelMaker is far more than a UML diagramming tool. I will, of course, cover the UML diagramming capabilities of ModelMaker, but I will also spend some time on the other features of the tool as well a conceptual overview of the product that should allow you to begin getting the most out of it.

ModelMaker has been around since the early days of Delphi, and over time it has accumulated options to support almost the entire Delphi language as well as a vast number of conveniences for programmers. The result is a huge feature set that can be daunting at first glance. The ModelMaker user interface comprises more than 100 forms, and without the proper grounding the uninitiated may become frustrated. Stick with me, and you will soon be navigating ModelMaker fearlessly.

Although ModelMaker is often referred to as a UML diagramming tool, I prefer to describe it as a Delphi-specific, customizable, extensible full-cycle UML diagramming and CASE tool. It's Delphi-specific because it is designed to handle Delphi code. When working with a property, for instance, the dialog boxes in ModelMaker present options that are specific to Delphi language keywords and concepts. ModelMaker is customizable because, as you'll see, hundreds of options control how Delphi code is generated from your object model. ModelMaker is extensible because it includes a robust OpenTools API that allows the creation of plug-in experts to extend the functionality of the product. It's is a full-cycle tool because it offers features that apply to all phases of the standard development cycle. Finally, ModelMaker can be described as a CASE tool because it will automatically generate some of the redundant, obvious code required for Delphi classes, leaving it to you to provide the operational code for your classes.


This chapter has been co-written with Robert Leahey and benefits from his in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience with ModelMaker. In the world of software, Robert is an architect, programmer, author, and speaker. As a musician, he has played professionally for over 20 years and is currently a graduate student at the University of North Texas in the area of music theory. Via his company, Thoughtsmithy (, Robert offers consulting and training services, commercial software, audio production, and large-scale LEGO brick sculptures. He lives in north Texas with his wife and daughters.

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