How to Reach the Author

How to Reach the Author

If you find any problems in the text or examples in this book, both the publisher and I would be happy to hear from you. Besides reporting errors and problems, please give us your unbiased opinion of the book and tell us which examples you found most useful and which you liked least. There are several ways you can provide this feedback:

  • On the Sybex website (, you'll find updates to the text or code as necessary. To comment on this book, click the Contact Sybex link and then choose Book Content Issues. This link displays a form where you can enter your comments.

  • My own website ( hosts further information about the book and about Delphi, where you might find answers to your questions. The site has news and tips, technical articles, free online books (outlined in Appendix C), white papers, Delphi links, and my collection of Delphi components and tools (covered in Appendix A).

  • I have also set up a newsgroup section specifically devoted to my books and to general Delphi Q&A. Refer to my website for a list of the newsgroup areas and for the instructions to subscribe to them. (In fact, these newsgroups are totally free but require a login password.) The newsgroups can also be accessed via a Web interface through a link you can find on my site.

  • Finally, you can reach me via e-mail at For technical questions, please try using the newsgroups first, as you might get answers earlier and from multiple people. My mailbox is usually overflowing and, regretfully, I cannot reply promptly to every request. (Please write to me in English or Italian.)

Part I: Foundations