Chapter 19: Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy

Chapter 19: Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy


With the advent of the Internet era, writing programs based on Internet protocols has become commonplace, so I've devoted five chapters to this topic. This chapter focuses on low-level socket programming and Internet protocols, Chapter 20 is devoted to server-side web programming, Chapter 21 covers IntraWeb, and Chapters 22 and 23 discuss XML and web services.

In this chapter I'll begin by looking at the sockets technology in general; then I'll move to the use of the Internet Direct (Indy) components supporting both low-level socket programming and the most common Internet protocols. I will introduce some elements of the HTTP protocol, leading up to building HTML files from database data.

Although you probably just want to use a high-level protocol, the discussion of Internet programming starts from the core concepts and low-level applications. Understanding TCP/ IP and sockets will help you grasp most of the other concepts more easily.

Part I: Foundations