Section 2.2. BlogScript

BlogScript by WebEntourage ( is a free AppleScript script for Mac OS X that simply posts the contents of the clipboard to a weblog via a single menu selection. The obvious advantage is the ability to write in any environment you choose, by copying the text you wish to blog and activating BlogScript when you're ready to post (see Figure 2-2).

Figure 2-2. Running BlogScript from the Mac OS X Script menu

Given its focus on simply being a copy-to-blog function, BlogScript is understandably rather sparse. The only additional feature it offers is the option to ping You can copy and modify the AppleScript to manage multiple accounts and weblogs.

Figure 2-3 shows BlogScript in action, posting a line of text copied to the clipboard from Mac OS X's TextEdit (the window in the background).

Figure 2-3. Running BlogScript from the Mac OS X Script menu

Installation is a snap; simply drop the script into your Scripts folder, and it'll be available from your toolbar Script menu. The only prerequisite is Script menu for OS X 10.1, available for free download at