Structure of This Book

We've arranged the material in this book so that you learn about blog systems, acquiring the knowledge to select one that's right for your needs, then jump straight to the chapters that address those needs.

Chapter 1, talks about the different types of blogs, their basic structure, and the different features of the various blog management systems.

Chapter 2, shows you several programs that run on your PC or Macintosh and lets you post to your blog more easily than your blogging system may otherwise allow.

Chapter 3, shows you how to create a Blogger blog, create and manage posts, change your archives, adjust the look of your blog, and start a group blog, as well as show to use Blogger to create a blog on your own web site.

Chapter 4, covers downloading and installing Radio UserLand, creating posts and stories, adding titles and images to posts, and adjusting your preferences.

Chapter 5, shows you how to install and configure Movable Type, configure your blog, add authors and entries, and add images and comments.

Chapter 6, discusses the advanced features of subscription-based Blogger Pro, as well as Blogger template and archive customization, blogrolls, statistics, syndication, and more.

Chapter 7, covers shortcuts and categories, backing up Radio, customizing the appearance with Themes and Macros, Upstreaming, and explains a little about the software behind Radio UserLand.

Chapter 8, goes into detail on templates, archives, security, and gives a cookbook of such tricks as displaying random entries.

Chapter 9, shows you how to install, configure, and use the Blosxom blogging system, including the Blagg RSS aggregator.

Chapter 10, is a collection of advice and experience from seasoned bloggers.