About the Technical Reviewers

About the Technical Reviewers

Dr. Alexander Clemm is a senior architect with Cisco. He has been involved with integrated management of networked systems and services since 1990. He has provided technical leadership for many leading-edge network management development, architecture, and engineering efforts, from conception to delivery to the customer. His current responsibilities involve embedded management and instrumentation of devices for management purposes. Outside Cisco, Clemm is on the organizing or technical committees of the major IEEE management-related conferences. He is the author of the Cisco Press book Network Management Fundamentals.

Chris Elliott, CCIE No. 2013 in Routing and Switching, has recertified in NMS and security, among other topics. He has extensive expertise in all aspects of networking, starting 30 years ago with ARPAnet. He has focused on network management for the last 17 years and is involved in several IETF protocol standardization efforts. He is the author of the book Performance and Fault Management. In addition, he is the developer and presenter of several in-depth technology discussions presented at NetWorld+Interop, Networkers at Cisco Live, NANOG, and elsewhere.

Simon Leinen has been working since 1996 as a network engineer for SWITCH, the Swiss education and research network operator. He helps build network monitoring and accounting systems. He has participated in several joint European research projects. Other activities include IETF standardization work—in particular, in the IPFIX and NETCONF working groups—and the development of the Performance Enhancement and Response Team (PERT), a service addressing end-to-end performance issues experienced by research network users.

John Strassner is a Motorola fellow. He is also the Director of Autonomic Computing Research at Motorola, where he is responsible for directing Motorola's efforts in autonomic computing, policy management, knowledge engineering and identity management. Previously, John was the chief strategy officer for Intelliden and a former Cisco fellow. John invented DEN (Directory Enabled Networks) and DEN-ng as a new paradigm for managing and provisioning networks and networked applications. John is the chair of the ACF and vice-chair of the Reconfigurability and Autonomics working group of the WWRF. He is the past chair of the TMF's NGOSS metamodel, policy, and Shared Information and Data modeling work groups, as well as being active in the ITU, OMG, and OASIS. He has authored two books (Directory Enabled Networks and Policy Based Network Management), written chapters for three other books, and has authored over 145 refereed journal and conference publications. Finally, he is an associate professor at Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland.

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