This book is the result of a team effort, finally during the writing and before throughout years of teamwork and cooperation in driving the technology. We would like to acknowledge those who made it possible to write this book.

A big thank-you goes to several Cisco colleagues for their support, encouragement, and constructive feedback during the reviews, especially Marisol Palmero for the Data-Collection MIB, Bulk-MIB, and NBAR; Emmanuel Tychon for IP SLA; Alex Clemm for the scenarios; Jan Bollen for voice management; Michael Behringer for security; Chris Elliot for SNMP; Greg Weber for IPDR; and Stuart Parham for lab support. Their professional input helped add the missing pieces.

We would like to say a special thank you to Simon Leinen and John Strassner for their due diligence and encouragement during the writing and reviewing of the book. We really appreciate your constructive feedback!

A special thanks to our senior development editor, Christopher Cleveland, for the right combination of pushing and patience, and to our executive editor, Mary Beth Ray, for being flexible and always supportive and encouraging.

Part II: Implementations on the Cisco Devices