Table 8-2 relates the BGP Policy Accounting properties to the fundamental questions discussed in Chapter 2.

Table 8-2. Comparison of the Different BGP Policy Accounting Features
CriterionBGP Policy Accounting
What to collect (data collection details)?Total traffic (packets and bytes):
  • Per (sub)interface

  • For ingress or egress

  • For source or destination lookup criteria

Where to collect?Edge of the network, on the BGP-enabled routers
How to configure?CLI commands or scripts
How to collect?Pull model:

CLI commands or scripts

How to identify the user?With the (sub)interface, because the counters are distinctive per (sub)interface
Use case exampleDestination-sensitive billing

Source-sensitive billing

Network-wide capacity planning

Traffic profiling and engineering

Peering and transit agreements
Additional details64-bit SNMP countersNumber of buckets: 8 or 64, globally defined, depending on the platforms and Cisco IOS version


Part II: Implementations on the Cisco Devices