Supported Devices and IOS Versions

As described in this chapter, NetFlow is not just a single feature, but a set of different features. It has features related to the NetFlow metering process part, such as Router-Based Aggregation, MPLS-Aware NetFlow, NetFlow Input Filters, and Sampled NetFlow. Additionally, other features address the NetFlow protocol (such as versions 5, 8, and 9). Therefore, listing all the different features along with the IOS releases, platforms, and line cards would be extensive and still offer limited information. Furthermore, due to the growing adoption of NetFlow features on the Cisco platforms, line cards, and IOS versions, there is a risk of presenting obsolete information. The suggested approach to get the latest NetFlow information is to check the Cisco website at Specifically, the Cisco Feature Navigator tool lists NetFlow features per platform and IOS version. Table 7-11 offers an overview of the most important NetFlow features separated by platform families: the software-based platforms (7500 and below), the 12000 router, and the Catalyst 6500/Cisco 7600. This table also demonstrates that most of the NetFlow features are implemented in software initially and are ported in hardware on the different platforms.

Table 7-11. Supported Features Per Device
NetFlow FeaturesSoftware-Based Platforms12000Catalyst 6500
Export Version 5check markcheck markcheck mark
Export Version 7  check mark
Export Version 8check markcheck markcheck mark
Export Version 9check markcheck markcheck mark
Flexible NetFlowcheck mark12.0(33)S 
Sampled NetFlowRandomDeterministicFlow-based
Input Filterscheck mark  
MPLS-Awarecheck markcheck mark 
BGP Next Hopcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Multicastcheck mark check mark
Layer 2 Securitycheck mark check mark[*]
Top Talkerscheck mark  
SCTPcheck mark  

[*] Without MAC addresses support

Part II: Implementations on the Cisco Devices