CodeAccessPermissionECMA 1.0, serializable

System.Security (mscorlib.dll)abstract class
public abstract class CodeAccessPermission : IPermission, ISecurityEncodable, IStackWalk {
// Protected Constructors
   protected CodeAccessPermission(  );
// Public Static Methods
   public static void RevertAll(  );
   public static void RevertAssert(  );
   public static void RevertDeny(  );
   public static void RevertPermitOnly(  );
// Public Instance Methods
   public void Assert(  );
 // implements IStackWalk
   public abstract IPermission Copy(  );
 // implements IPermission
   public void Demand(  );
 // implements IStackWalk
   public void Deny(  );
 // implements IStackWalk
   public abstract void FromXml(SecurityElement elem);
 // implements ISecurityEncodable
   public abstract IPermission Intersect(IPermission target);
 // implements IPermission
   public abstract bool IsSubsetOf(IPermission target);
 // implements IPermission
   public void PermitOnly(  );
 // implements IStackWalk
   public override string ToString(  );
 // overrides object
   public abstract SecurityElement ToXml(  );
 // implements ISecurityEncodable
   public virtual IPermission Union(IPermission other);
 // implements IPermission

This abstract class provides the base class from which all code-access and identity permission classes are derived. It implements the IPermission, IStackWalk, and ISecurityEncodable interfaces, but only provides concrete implementations of the IStackWalk methods (Demand( ), Assert( ), Deny( ), and PermitOnly( )), leaving implementation of the other interface methods to the derived classes. The staticRevertAll( ), RevertAssert( ), RevertDeny( ), and RevertPermitOnly( ) methods remove existing stack walk overrides of the appropriate type from the caller's stack frame.


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