X509CertificateCF 1.0, serializable

System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates (mscorlib.dll)class
public class X509Certificate {
// Public Constructors
   public X509Certificate(byte[  ] data);
   public X509Certificate(IntPtr handle);
   public X509Certificate(X509Certificate cert);
// Public Static Methods
   public static X509Certificate CreateFromCertFile(string filename);
   public static X509Certificate CreateFromSignedFile(string filename);
// Public Instance Methods
   public virtual bool Equals(X509Certificate other);
   public virtual byte[  ] GetCertHash(  );
   public virtual string GetCertHashString(  );
   public virtual string GetEffectiveDateString(  );
   public virtual string GetExpirationDateString(  );
   public virtual string GetFormat(  );
   public override int GetHashCode(  );
 // overrides object
   public virtual string GetIssuerName(  );
   public virtual string GetKeyAlgorithm(  );
   public virtual byte[  ] GetKeyAlgorithmParameters(  );
   public virtual string GetKeyAlgorithmParametersString(  );
   public virtual string GetName(  );
   public virtual byte[  ] GetPublicKey(  );
   public virtual string GetPublicKeyString(  );
   public virtual byte[  ] GetRawCertData(  );
   public virtual string GetRawCertDataString(  );
   public virtual byte[  ] GetSerialNumber(  );
   public virtual string GetSerialNumberString(  );
   public override string ToString(  );
 // overrides object
   public virtual string ToString(bool fVerbose);

The X509Certificate class represents an X509 v3 digital certificate. Instances of this class are created using the static CreateFromCertFile( ) and CreateFromSignedFile( ) methods, which obtain the certificate details from an X509 v3 certificate file or a signed file, respectively. The class defines 17 methods that provide information about the certificate; for example, the GetName( ) method returns the name of the principle to which the certificate was issued and the GetIssuerName( ) method returns the name of the certification authority. Some methods are paired together, returning the same data formatted in different ways; for example, the GetPublicKey( ) method returns the certificate public key as an array of bytes, while the GetPublicKeyString( ) method return the key as a hexadecimal string.

Returned By

System.Net.ServicePoint.{Certificate, ClientCertificate}, System.Reflection.Module.GetSignerCertificate( ), X509CertificateCollection.this, X509CertificateEnumerator.Current, System.Security.Permissions.PublisherIdentityPermission.Certificate, System.Security.Policy.Publisher.Certificate, System.Security.Policy.PublisherMembershipCondition.Certificate

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