System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)interface
public interface IUnrestrictedPermission {
// Public Instance Methods
   public bool IsUnrestricted(  );

Code-access permission classes that implement the IUnrestrictedPermission interface can represent an unrestricted or completely restricted state. These two states represent the extremes of a permission class's permission range. For example, the FileIOPermission class can represent complete access to all files and folders, or no file and folder access.

By convention, a permission class that implements the IUnrestrictedPermission interface must declare a constructor that takes a PermissionState argument. An unrestricted permission is created by passing the value PermissionState.Unrestricted to the permission constructor, while a completely restricted permission is created using the value PermissionState.None. The IsUnrestricted( ) method indicates whether a permission object represents its unrestricted state.

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