System.Security.Principal (mscorlib.dll)interface
public interface IIdentity {
// Public Instance Properties
   public string AuthenticationType{get; }
   public bool IsAuthenticated{get; }
   public string Name{get; }

The IIdentity interface defines the functionality that all identity classes must implement. An identity object represents the user on whose behalf code is running. IIdentity defines three read-only properties. Name is the most commonly used property and returns the name of the user. IsAuthenticated returns a Boolean value indicating whether the current identity has been authenticated. AuthenticationType returns a System.String that identifies the authentication mechanism used to authenticate the user.

Implemented By

GenericIdentity, WindowsIdentity

Returned By

GenericPrincipal.Identity, IPrincipal.Identity, WindowsPrincipal.Identity

Passed To

GenericPrincipal.GenericPrincipal( )

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