System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)abstract class
public abstract class AsymmetricSignatureFormatter {
// Public Constructors
   public AsymmetricSignatureFormatter(  );
// Public Instance Methods
   public abstract byte[  ] CreateSignature(byte[  ] rgbHash);
   public virtual byte[  ] CreateSignature(HashAlgorithm hash);
   public abstract void SetHashAlgorithm(string strName);
   public abstract void SetKey(AsymmetricAlgorithm key);

This is the abstract parent for all signature formatter implementation classes; such classes create digital signatures by formatting a cryptographic hash code and applying an asymmetric signature function to the formatted data.

The CreateSignature( ) method uses an asymmetric private key to create a digital signature, expressed as a System.Byte array. The private key value is specified by the SetKey( ) method, which accepts an instance of the AsymmetricAlgorithm class configured with the key parameters. The SetHashAlgorithm( ) method sets the name of the hash algorithm used to create the data to be signed; this value is used in the data-formatting process.

The .NET Framework class library includes the DSASignatureFormatter and RSAPKCS1SignatureFormatter classes, which create digital signatures using the DSA and RSA algorithm classes.


DSASignatureFormatter, RSAPKCS1SignatureFormatter

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SignatureDescription.CreateFormatter( )

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