System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)enum
public enum IsolatedStorageContainment {
   None = 0,DomainIsolationByUser = 16,AssemblyIsolationByUser = 32,
        DomainIsolationByRoamingUser = 80,AssemblyIsolationByRoamingUser = 96,
        AdministerIsolatedStorageByUser = 112,UnrestrictedIsolatedStorage = 240

This enumeration contains values used with the IsolatedStorageFilePermission and IsolatedStorageFilePermissionAttribute classes to represent the level of access granted to isolated storage. AssemblyIsolationByUser represents the ability to obtain a store isolated by assembly and user, while DomainIsolationByUser represents the ability to obtain a store isolated by assembly, user, and application domain. AssemblyIsolationByRoamingUser and DomainIsolationByRoamingUser represent access to equivalent levels of isolation, but include the ability to obtain roaming stores. AdministerIsolatedStorageByUser represents administrative access to all stores for the current user, and UnrestrictedIsolatedStorage provides full and unrestricted access to all of the current user's stores.


System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) IsolatedStorageContainment

Returned By

IsolatedStoragePermission.UsageAllowed, IsolatedStoragePermissionAttribute.UsageAllowed

Passed To

IsolatedStoragePermission.UsageAllowed, IsolatedStoragePermissionAttribute.UsageAllowed

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