What You Will Learn in This Book

As you work through these lessons, you will develop the skills you need to create and maintain your own Web sites.

By the end of this course, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Plan an interactive project

  • Understand ActionScript syntax and how it works

  • Use the numerous event handlers to create a variety of interactivity

  • Use and understand built-in objects, properties, and methods

  • Manipulate text and numbers dynamically to perform specific tasks

  • Use functions to centralize your code

  • Create custom objects and methods

  • Employ conditional logic in your movie to react to varying circumstances

  • Use loops to automate scripting tasks

  • Use and customize UI components

  • Move data in and out of Flash using text files and XML

  • Script your applications to communicate with a third-party Web service

  • Validate all types of data

  • Create text fields dynamically and format text using Cascading Style Sheets

  • Dynamically control movies using scripting rather than the timeline

  • Employ date, time, and frame-based interactivity

  • Script sounds to make your project more engaging

  • Load and unload various types of media from your projects

  • Test and use Flash's Debugger to maximize your project's code

  • Create an application that uses a third-party tool to enhance its functionality beyond Flash's built-in capabilities

  • Print Flash content using ActionScript