Administrator's Guide to SQL Server 2005

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Administrator's Guide to SQL Server 2005
By Buck Woody
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: June 08, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-39797-5
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-39797-3
Pages: 648

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"Buck Woody's new book will help new and experienced users alike in getting productive with SQL Server 2005 quickly. His special attention to security and performance make this an exceptional reference that is sure to remain relevant for some time."

Chip Andrews, CISSP, MCDBA, Director of Research and Development Special Ops Security, Inc.


"SQL 2005 is the most exciting upgrade to come out of Redmond in years; this book will help you get up and running quickly to take full advantage of it! If you are looking for a book about upgrading to SQL 2005, look no further, this one is all you need. It gives you all you need to take advantage of everything SQL 2005 has to offer, and that is a lot!"

Doug Ellis, Area Technical Manager, Cognos


"Buck Woody provides insight into administering SQL Server 2005 that all developers and database administrators will find useful; the book assumes very little knowledge by providing 'DBA 101' sections which will not alienate the experienced reader while providing the necessary introduction to topics for those less experienced."

Doug Holland, Visual C# MVP, Precision Objects


"SQL Server 2005 is a landmark release and this title does an awesome job of hitting everything new in SQL 2005. It covers new and improved administration tools, and contains an overview of Notification Services, SQL Server Service Broker, Reporting Services, Integration Services, and Analysis Services. As a result, you'll be able to work on your own SQL Server 2005 solutions quickly and painlessly. Ultimately, this book provides you with a starting point, a roadmap, and then the tools and knowledge to exploit this powerful new database server to its fullest power. So, start your computer and get ready to learn SQL Server 2005!"

Alexzander N. Nepomnjashiy, SQL Server DBA, NeoSystems NorthWest


"A solid introduction to administering SQL 2005. The 'DBA 101' sections provide useful tips for the new DBA, good review for the experienced DBA, and the 101 label enables the seasoned DBA to skip basic material and jump ahead to where the REAL action is…. Buck's conversational writing style makes this an enjoyable and refreshing contrast to the majority of tech books written these days."

Brad Russell, MCDBA, Visionary Integration Professionals


The Complete, Practical, 100% Useful Guide for Every SQL Server 2005 DBA!


This book has one goal: to help database administrators and their managers run SQL Server 2005 with maximum efficiency, reliability, and performance. Renowned SQL Server expert Buck Woody covers every facet of database administration, from installation and configuration through maintaining enterprise-class business intelligence environments.


If you're a new SQL Server administrator, Buck will help you master core tasks rapidlyand avoid costly mistakes that only show up when it's too late. If you're familiar with previous versions of SQL Server, he'll get you up-to-speed fast on everything new that matters, from high availability improvements and Integration Services to the SQL Server Management Studio. Whatever your background, you'll find best practices, real-world scenarios, and easy-to-use automation scriptsall grounded in Buck's unsurpassed SQL Server knowledge.


     •  Timesaving tips, practical applications, and start-to-finish examples throughout

     •  Understand the key "decision points" at every stage of your SQL Server deployment

     •  Perform day-to-day maintenance more efficiently, from hotfixes to backup/recovery

     •  Automate maintenance tasks with the SQL Server Agent

     •  Establish and audit security on SQL Server 2005 and the underlying Windows Server platform

     •  Monitor and optimize SQL Server: baselining, profiling, index strategies, query refactoring, and more

     •  Maximize availability using replication, clustering, mirroring, and SQL Server's new online indexing

     •  Leverage important new improvements in Integration Services and Reporting Services

     •  Use Analysis Services to support enterprise-class Business Intelligence deployments

     •  Even set up a simple configuration of SQL Server 2005 for freelegally!