Chapter 1. ActionScript Basics


    Recipe 1.1.  Using Mathematical Operators

    Recipe 1.2.  Checking Equality or Comparing Values

    Recipe 1.3.  Performing Actions Conditionally

    Recipe 1.4.  Performing Complex Conditional Testing

    Recipe 1.5.  Repeating an Operation Many Times

    Recipe 1.6.  Performing an Action Once per Frame Update

    Recipe 1.7.  Repeating a Task at Timed Intervals

    Recipe 1.8.  Creating Reusable Code

    Recipe 1.9.  Generalizing a Function to Enhance Reusability

    Recipe 1.10.  Exiting a Function

    Recipe 1.11.  Obtaining the Result of a Function

    Recipe 1.12.  Avoiding Conflicting Variables

    Recipe 1.13.  Reusing and Organizing Code in Multiple Movies

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes