Chapter 5. Numbers and Math


    Recipe 5.1.  Representing Numbers in Different Bases

    Recipe 5.2.  Converting Between Different Number Systems

    Recipe 5.3.  Rounding Numbers

    Recipe 5.4.  Inserting Leading or Trailing Zeros

    Recipe 5.5.  Formatting Numbers for Display

    Recipe 5.6.  Formatting Currency Amounts

    Recipe 5.7.  Generating a Random Number

    Recipe 5.8.  Simulating a Coin Flip

    Recipe 5.9.  Simulating Dice

    Recipe 5.10.  Simulating Playing Cards

    Recipe 5.11.  Generating a Unique Number

    Recipe 5.12.  Converting Angle Measurements

    Recipe 5.13.  Calculating the Distance Between Two Points

    Recipe 5.14.  Determining Points Along a Circle

    Recipe 5.15.  Converting Between Units of Measurement

    Recipe 5.16.  Calculating Asset Appreciation (Future Value)

    Recipe 5.17.  Calculating Retirement Savings

    Recipe 5.18.  Calculating the Loan (Mortgage) You Can Afford

    Recipe 5.19.  Calculating Loan Amortization or Annuities

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes