Chapter 14. FlashCom Server


    Recipe 14.1.  Creating a New FlashCom Application

    Recipe 14.2.  Connecting to the FlashCom Server

    Recipe 14.3.  Adding a Video Object at Runtime

    Recipe 14.4.  Capturing and Displaying Video from a Web Cam

    Recipe 14.5.  Capturing and Playing Audio from a Microphone

    Recipe 14.6.  Controlling FlashCom Audio

    Recipe 14.7.  Subscribing to Audio/Video Content

    Recipe 14.8.  Creating Playlists

    Recipe 14.9.  Recording and Publishing Video and Audio

    Recipe 14.10.  Publishing Live Content

    Recipe 14.11.  Pausing and Resuming a Net Stream

    Recipe 14.12.  Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding a Net Stream

    Recipe 14.13.  Seeking Relative to the Total Stream Length

    Recipe 14.14.  Implementing Server-Side ActionScript

    Recipe 14.15.  Tracking Clients Connected to the Application

    Recipe 14.16.  Invoking Server-Side Functions from the Client Movie

    Recipe 14.17.  Invoking Client-Side Functions from the Server

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes