Chapter 13. Programming Sound


    Recipe 13.1.  Creating an Object to Control Sound

    Recipe 13.2.  Attaching Sounds at Runtime

    Recipe 13.3.  Playing and Stopping a Sound

    Recipe 13.4.  Getting Playback Time

    Recipe 13.5.  Looping a Sound

    Recipe 13.6.  Setting In and Out Points

    Recipe 13.7.  Pausing and Resuming a Sound

    Recipe 13.8.  Performing Actions When a Sound Ends

    Recipe 13.9.  Queuing Sounds

    Recipe 13.10.  Adding Sounds to Buttons and UI Components

    Recipe 13.11.  Setting the Volume of a Sound

    Recipe 13.12.  Controlling the Panning of a Sound

    Recipe 13.13.  Creating Advanced Stereo Panning Effects

    Recipe 13.14.  Fading In a Sound

    Recipe 13.15.  Fading Out a Sound

    Recipe 13.16.  Program: A Sound Controller Component

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes