Chapter 22. Building a Flash Paint Application

Flash MX offers many possibilities for dynamically generating vector graphics and text using ActionScript. In this chapter, you will create a Flash Paint application. This application builds on many of the recipes from earlier chapters. Specifically, this application utilizes the following skills:

  • Drawing and filling shapes with the Drawing API

  • Developing and using custom components

  • Extending classes

  • Swapping depths of movie clips and text fields

  • Using mouse and key listeners

  • Changing colors of movie clips

  • Getting and setting the current focus and selection

The Flash Paint application is designed to allow for the following functionality:

  • Drawing lines, rectangles, and ellipses

  • Adding text fields

  • Rearranging existing shapes and text

  • Moving existing shapes and text forward or backward to adjust the overlap with other objects

  • Selecting a color to apply to new text and with which to draw shapes

  • Filling existing shapes with solid color and applying color to existing text

  • Deleting existing shapes and text

    Part I: Local Recipes
    Part II: Remote Recipes