Recipe 20.2 Configuring Flash Remoting for ColdFusion

20.2.1 Problem

You want to configure Flash Remoting for ColdFusion MX.

20.2.2 Solution

Flash Remoting comes preinstalled as part of ColdFusion MX.

20.2.3 Discussion

Flash Remoting comes preinstalled and preconfigured for ColdFusion MX. You do not need to make any modifications. If you are using CFMX with Updater 3, you must configure your web.xml file to turn on access for Flash Remoting to work with web services. Prior to Updater 3, this feature was on by default.

When you use Flash Remoting for ColdFusion MX, the gateway URL, as discussed in Recipe 20.1, should be of the form:


in which coldFusionServerNameOrIP is the domain name or IP address to the ColdFusion MX server. If the ColdFusion MX server is running on a port other than 80, then you also need to specify the port. For example, if the ColdFusion server is running on localhost at port 8500, then the correct gateway URL is:


20.2.4 See Also

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