Recipe 18.3 Checking Load Progress

18.3.1 Problem

You want to know how much of the data has loaded.

18.3.2 Solution

Use the LoadVars.getBytesLoaded( ) and LoadVars.getBytesTotal( ) methods. Alternatively, use a progress bar (see Recipe 15.9).

18.3.3 Discussion

The LoadVars class's getBytesLoaded( ) and getBytesTotal( ) methods work in the same way as the methods of the same name from the MovieClip, Sound, and XML classes. Prior to a request to load external data, both methods return 0. Once Flash determines information about the requested data, getBytesTotal( ) returns the total number of bytes to load. The value of getBytesLoaded( ) changes each time there is load progress. All the data is loaded when getBytesLoaded( ) is equal to getBytesTotal( ), provided they're not both 0. Typically, you should use a movie clip with an onEnterFrame( ) method or an interval function to monitor the load progress. For example:

myLoadVars = new LoadVars(  );
myLoadVars.onLoad = function (success) {
  // Process loaded data here

function monitorLV (  ) {

  // Get the percentage by multiplying the loaded-to-total bytes ratio by 100.
  var percent = Math.round(myLoadVars.getBytesLoaded(  ) /
                 myLoadVars.getBytesTotal(  ) * 100);

  // If the percentage is not a number (no bytes have loaded), set it to 0.
  percent = (isNaN(percent)) ? 0 : percent;

  // Display the load percentage in the Output window.

You can use a Progress Bar component to monitor the progress of data loaded with a LoadVars object, just as you can monitor the progress of data loaded into a movie clip or Sound object. You should set the progress bar's load target to the LoadVars object, as follows:.

_root.attachMovie("FProgressBarSymbol", "pBar", 1);

18.3.4 See Also

Recipe 15.9 offers more details on how to use the Progress Bar component. See Recipe 15.8, Recipe 15.10, Recipe 15.11, and Recipe 19.11.

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