Chapter 9. Strings


    Recipe 9.1.  Joining Strings

    Recipe 9.2.  Using Quotes and Apostrophes in Strings

    Recipe 9.3.  Inserting Special Whitespace Characters

    Recipe 9.4.  Searching for a Substring

    Recipe 9.5.  Extracting a Substring

    Recipe 9.6.  Matching Patterns with Regular Expressions

    Recipe 9.7.  Looking for a Pattern Match

    Recipe 9.8.  Parsing a String into Words

    Recipe 9.9.  Removing and Replacing Characters

    Recipe 9.10.  Processing One Character at a Time

    Recipe 9.11.  Converting Case

    Recipe 9.12.  Trimming Whitespace

    Recipe 9.13.  Reversing a String by Word or by Letter

    Recipe 9.14.  Converting Between Strings and Unicode or ASCII

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes