Chapter 20. Flash Remoting


    Recipe 20.1.  Establishing a Connection via Flash Remoting

    Recipe 20.2.  Configuring Flash Remoting for ColdFusion

    Recipe 20.3.  Configuring Flash Remoting for .NET

    Recipe 20.4.  Configuring Flash Remoting for J2EE

    Recipe 20.5.  Configuring Flash Remoting for PHP or Perl

    Recipe 20.6.  Invoking a Remote Function on a Service

    Recipe 20.7.  Handling Flash Remoting Results

    Recipe 20.8.  Distinguishing Among Results from Multiple Calls to a Single Service

    Recipe 20.9.  Calling ASP.NET Functions from Flash

    Recipe 20.10.  Calling ColdFusion Functions from Flash

    Recipe 20.11.  Passing Named Parameters to ColdFusion Component Methods

    Recipe 20.12.  Passing Complex Parameters to ColdFusion Component Methods

    Recipe 20.13.  Calling Java or JSP Functions from Flash

    Recipe 20.14.  Transmitting Custom Datatypes to a Flash Remoting Back End

    Recipe 20.15.  Receiving Typed Objects with ColdFusion

    Recipe 20.16.  Receiving Typed Objects with ASP.NET

    Recipe 20.17.  Receiving Typed Objects with Java

    Recipe 20.18.  Returning Typed Objects from ColdFusion

    Recipe 20.19.  Returning Typed Objects from ASP.NET

    Recipe 20.20.  Returning Typed Objects from Java

    Recipe 20.21.  Writing Server-Side Functions in ActionScript

    Recipe 20.22.  Querying a Database with Server-Side ActionScript

    Recipe 20.23.  Making HTTP Requests with Server-Side ActionScript

    Recipe 20.24.  Consuming Web Services with Flash Remoting for .NET or ColdFusion

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes