Chapter 11. Forms


    Recipe 11.1.  Adding UI Components at Runtime

    Recipe 11.2.  Positioning Form Elements

    Recipe 11.3.  Adding Menus to a Form

    Recipe 11.4.  Making Dependent Menus

    Recipe 11.5.  Resizing Menus to Fit Their Contents

    Recipe 11.6.  Detecting the Selected Menu Items

    Recipe 11.7.  Adding Radio Buttons to a Group

    Recipe 11.8.  Aligning Radio Buttons Automatically

    Recipe 11.9.  Getting the Selected Radio Button Value

    Recipe 11.10.  Adding Checkboxes to a Form

    Recipe 11.11.  Getting Checkbox Values

    Recipe 11.12.  Assembling an Advanced Form

    Recipe 11.13.  Submitting a Form

    Recipe 11.14.  Validating Form Input

    Recipe 11.15.  Alerting Users to Validation Errors

    Recipe 11.16.  Making a Multipage Form

    Recipe 11.17.  Submitting a Multipage Form

    Recipe 11.18.  Validating a Multipage Form

    Recipe 11.19.  Transmitting Data Securely

    Recipe 11.20.  Prepopulating a Form

    Recipe 11.21.  Customizing the Tab Order

    Recipe 11.22.  Using Tables to Arrange Form Elements

    Recipe 11.23.  Creating Auto-Complete Text Fields

    Recipe 11.24.  Customizing a Component's Appearance

    Recipe 11.25.  Customizing All Components' Appearances

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes