Databases are an integral part of many applications, and Flash Remoting helps to integrate databases into your Flash applications easily. Data in a database is stored in tables as records. You can think of a database table as a grid and a record as being a single row in that table containing data for each column. When data is retrieved from a database it is stored as a recordset. ColdFusion recordsets are called Query objects, Java recordsets are called ResultSet objects, and .NET recordsets are called DataTable objects. But regardless of what the datatype is called in the server-side application, when it is returned to your Flash movie by way of Flash Remoting it is automatically converted into a RecordSet object. See Recipe 20.22 for more information on retrieving a recordset.

The RecordSet class is part of the Flash Remoting Components installation. To include the class in your Flash movies, you should include the file:

#include ""

If you are using client-side recordsets only, it is sufficient to include instead of

    Part I: Local Recipes
    Part II: Remote Recipes