Chapter 6. Arrays


    Recipe 6.1.  Adding Elements to the Start or End of an Array

    Recipe 6.2.  Looping Through an Array

    Recipe 6.3.  Searching for Matching Elements in an Array

    Recipe 6.4.  Removing Elements

    Recipe 6.5.  Inserting Elements in the Middle of an Array

    Recipe 6.6.  Converting a String to an Array

    Recipe 6.7.  Converting an Array to a String

    Recipe 6.8.  Creating a Separate Copy of an Array

    Recipe 6.9.  Storing Complex or Multidimensional Data

    Recipe 6.10.  Sorting or Reversing an Array

    Recipe 6.11.  Implementing a Custom Sort

    Recipe 6.12.  Creating an Associative Array

    Recipe 6.13.  Reading Elements of an Associative Array

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes