What's Not in This Book

This book contains a lot of information on a wide range of topics. It covers the gamut of client-side ActionScript, plus recipes involving FlashCom, Flash Remoting, ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET, and more. Every recipe is presented in the context of an applied solution or example. While the book discusses some minimal theory, it is not intended as an introduction to any of these subjects. If you need more theory and introductory information on ActionScript, you should check out ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition by Colin Moock (O'Reilly).

Although this book is aimed at a broad spectrum of developers, it doesn't cover the absolute basic ActionScript familiar to most casual scripters, such as the gotoAndStop( ) command. For such basic ActionScript, consult the recipes in the Flash Cookbook, the companion volume to this book due out in late 2003. Prior to publication, sample ActionScript-related chapters from the Flash Cookbook are available at http://www.person13.com/fcb. For additional Flash and ActionScript resources, see http://moock.org/moockmarks and http://www.person13.com/ascb.

    Part I: Local Recipes
    Part II: Remote Recipes