Chapter 16. Storing Persistent Information


    Recipe 16.1.  Storing and Retrieving Locally Persistent Information

    Recipe 16.2.  Adding Data to a Client-Side Shared Object

    Recipe 16.3.  Reading Values from a Client-Side Shared Object

    Recipe 16.4.  Saving a Local Shared Object

    Recipe 16.5.  Sharing Information Between Movies Within the Same Domain

    Recipe 16.6.  Storing Persistent Data on the Server

    Recipe 16.7.  Saving Remote Shared Object Data

    Recipe 16.8.  Checking for Updates to Remote Shared Objects

    Recipe 16.9.  Reading Values from a Server-Side Shared Object

    Recipe 16.10.  Adding Data to a Server-Side Shared Object

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes