Recipe 13.5 Looping a Sound

13.5.1 Problem

You want to loop a sound so that it plays repeatedly.

13.5.2 Solution

Use the start( ) method of the Sound object that controls the sound and pass it a looping parameter.

13.5.3 Discussion

The start( ) method tells a sound to begin playing. The optional first parameter indicates how far into the sound (in seconds) to begin playing it. You also can specify a second parameter (looping) that instructs the sound to loop the playback a certain number of times. (If you omit the second parameter, the sound plays once.)

// Play the sound six times in a row.
mySound_sound.start(0, 6);

If you want the entire sound to loop, you should pass the start( ) method the value 0 for the first parameter (the offset) as shown in the preceding example. (To specify the looping parameter, you must specify an offset, even if it is 0.) If you pass the method a nonzero offset parameter value, the sound loop begins that many seconds into the audio with each pass. There is no pause between the loops even when you specify a nonzero offset.

// Play the sound six times, each time starting the audio three seconds from the
// beginning of the sound clip. There is no pause between each playback.
mySound_sound.start(3, 6);

13.5.4 See Also

Recipe 13.6 explains how to set an out point for the sound.

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