Recipe 11.11 Getting Checkbox Values

11.11.1 Problem

You want to determine the values (true or false) of checkboxes.

11.11.2 Solution

Use the getValue( ) method for each checkbox, or create a custom getValues( ) method for the checkbox group.

11.11.3 Discussion

The getValue( ) method returns true if a checkbox is checked and false if the checkbox is unchecked:

trace(myCheckBox0_ch.getValue(  ));

If you have created a checkbox group (see Recipe 11.10), you can add a custom method, getValues( ), that returns an array of the values for each checkbox in the group. The elements of the returned array contain three properties:


The name of the checkbox instance


The label value of the checkbox


The value of the checkbox (true or false)

Here is our custom getValues( ) method, which you should add to your file for easy inclusion in future projects:

// Create the new method, getValues(  ), for the FCheckBoxGroupClass.
FCheckBoxGroupClass.prototype.getValues = function (  ) {

  // The dataAr array is populated with the objects for each checkbox in the group.
  var dataAr = new Array(  );

  // Create two local variables for use in the for statement.
  var cb, obj;

  // Loop through every checkbox in the group.
  for (var i = 0; i < this.radioInstances.length; i++) {

    // cb refers to the current checkbox.
    cb = this.radioInstances[i];

    // For each checkbox, create an object with name, label, and value properties. 
    obj = new Object(  ); = cb._name;
    obj.label = cb.getLabel(  );
    obj.value = cb.getValue(  );

    // Add the object to the array.

  // Return the array of values.
  return dataAr;

11.11.4 See Also

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