Recipe 14.1 Creating a New FlashCom Application

14.1.1 Problem

You want to create a new FlashCom application.

14.1.2 Solution

Create a new subdirectory in the FlashCom server's applications directory, which automatically creates a FlashCom application of the same name.

14.1.3 Discussion

To create a new FlashCom application you need to create a new subdirectory (officially called a registered application directory) within the FlashCom server's applications directory. Of course, a complete, working application requires additional elements, such as one or more Flash movies, but creating the application's subdirectory is the first step.

As of FlashCom version 1.5, the default location of the applications directory is Program Files\Macromedia\Flash Communication Server MX\applications in a Windows environment and /opt/macromedia/fcs/applications/ in Linux. The name of the new FlashCom application is automatically determined by the name you give the new subdirectory you create. This is also the name you use to connect Flash to the intended FlashCom application. For example, you can create a new FlashCom application named myNewApplication by creating a new subdirectory called myNewApplication within the FlashCom server's applications directory.

14.1.4 See Also

Once you have created the new FlashCom application, you need to connect to an instance of that application. The connection is initiated by the client-side Flash movie, as discussed in Recipe 14.2. For an example of a full-blown FlashCom server application, see the video chat application implemented in Chapter 24.

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