Chapter 2. Runtime Environment


    Recipe 2.1.  Detecting the Player Version

    Recipe 2.2.  Detecting the Operating System

    Recipe 2.3.  Checking the System Language

    Recipe 2.4.  Detecting Display Settings

    Recipe 2.5.  Scaling the Movie

    Recipe 2.6.  Changing the Alignment

    Recipe 2.7.  Detecting the Device's Audio Capabilities

    Recipe 2.8.  Prompting the User to Change Player Settings

    Recipe 2.9.  Hiding the Flash Player's Menu Items

    Recipe 2.10.  Enhancing Standalone Projectors

    Recipe 2.11.  Setting the Dimensions of a Projector

    Recipe 2.12.  Specifying Where on Screen a Projector Opens

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes