Chapter 19. XML


    Recipe 19.1.  Understanding XML Structure (Reading and Writing XML)

    Recipe 19.2.  Creating an XML Object

    Recipe 19.3.  Adding Elements to an XML Object

    Recipe 19.4.  Adding Text Nodes to an XML Object

    Recipe 19.5.  Creating an XML Object from an Array

    Recipe 19.6.  Adding Attributes to an XML Element

    Recipe 19.7.  Reading Elements in an XML Tree

    Recipe 19.8.  Finding Elements by Name

    Recipe 19.9.  Reading Text Nodes and Their Values

    Recipe 19.10.  Reading an Element's Attributes

    Recipe 19.11.  Loading XML

    Recipe 19.12.  Removing Extra Whitespace from XML Objects

    Recipe 19.13.  Sending XML

    Recipe 19.14.  Sending XML Data and Receiving a Response

    Recipe 19.15.  Searching XML

    Recipe 19.16.  Using XML Data to Initialize a Movie

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes