Recipe 20.5 Configuring Flash Remoting for PHP or Perl

20.5.1 Problem

You want to use Flash Remoting with something other than ColdFusion MX, .NET, or J2EE, which are the only three server-side platforms officially supported by Macromedia.

20.5.2 Solution

Use a third-party solution such as AMFPHP (, which offers PHP support, or FLAP (, which offers Perl support.

20.5.3 Discussion

Although the AMF format is not open or documented, it turns out that it is the same format used by remote shared objects. An enterprising individual, Wolfgang Hamann, reverse-engineered the AMF format, allowing developers to build open source libraries to support Flash Remoting in server-side languages not supported by Macromedia.

The AMFPHP project implements a Flash Remoting library for PHP. The Flash Remoting in Perl project (FLAP) implements a Flash Remoting library for Perl. Refer to their web sites ( and, respectively) for installation, configuration, and support information.

20.5.4 See Also

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