22.4 Using Flash Paint

Once you have completed the Flash Paint application you will undoubtedly want to impress your friends and enemies with your mighty design prowess. However, while Flash Paint is not without its charm, it is possible that you may want to do more with it. While I won't go into any more detail in this chapter, here are some suggestions for how to extend this application:

  • Add more types of shapes that can be drawn (stars, triangles, etc.).

  • Use a SharedObject to store the shapes, including their colors, positions, sizes, and any text content. Then retrieve the SharedObject data when the application is re-opened and lay out the contents as they existed when the application was last run.

  • Use FlashCom to enable multiple users to interact with Flash Paint so that all connected users can see the same thing. Flash Paint then resembles a whiteboard application.

    Part I: Local Recipes
    Part II: Remote Recipes