Chapter 15. Loading Assets


    Recipe 15.1.  Loading an External SWF

    Recipe 15.2.  Loading an External SWF from a Trusting Domain

    Recipe 15.3.  Loading an External JPEG Image

    Recipe 15.4.  Loading an External Image (All Formats)

    Recipe 15.5.  Loading an External MP3 Sound

    Recipe 15.6.  Loading Remote Content by Proxy

    Recipe 15.7.  Determining if an Asset Is Loaded

    Recipe 15.8.  Getting the Percentage of an Asset That Has Loaded

    Recipe 15.9.  Monitoring Load Progress Using a Progress Bar Component

    Recipe 15.10.  Monitoring Load Progress Without a Progress Bar Component

    Recipe 15.11.  Performing Actions When the Asset Is Loaded

    Recipe 15.12.  Hiding the Graphics and Text for a Progress Bar

Part I: Local Recipes
Part II: Remote Recipes