Adding Records to a Table

Access adds records to the end of a table, regardless of how you add them to the table.

To add records, follow these steps:

  1. Select the table to which you want to add information.

  2. graphics/newrecord.jpg Click the New Record Navigation button at the bottom of the Datasheet window.

  3. Add the necessary information to the fields within the record. When you move off the record, Access saves the new record.


There are some tips that you should be aware of because they help you to get data entry done more effectively. The first is Ctrl+". You use it to repeat the data in the field directly above the current field. Another is Edit | Go To | New Record. This is another method that you can use to add records to a table.

It is also important to note that Access always displays one blank record at the end of a table. When you're entering data, pressing the Tab key at the end of a record that you just added allows you to continue to add additional records.

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