Hour 12. Creating Reports

Although forms provide an excellent means for data entry, reports are the primary output device in Access. You can preview reports onscreen, output them to a printer, display them in a browser, and more. They are relatively easy to create, and they are extremely powerful. This hour covers the basics of creating and working with reports. After you read the text covered in the hour, you'll be familiar with the types of reports available. You'll be comfortable building reports with and without the wizards, and you'll know how to manipulate the reports that you build. You will understand the report and control properties available, and you'll know when it is appropriate to use each. You'll also be familiar with many important report techniques. In this hour you'll learn about the following:

  • The types of reports that are available

  • The different bands that make up an Access report

  • How to add controls to and manipulate controls on an Access report

  • How to use report properties to control the behavior of a report

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