Describe the Pop Up property of a form and how it relates to the Modal property.


The Pop Up property indicates whether the form always remains on top of other windows. The Modal property indicates whether the user can remove focus from the form while it is open. By setting both of these properties to Yes, you can create custom dialog boxes.


Describe some uses of unbound controls.


You could use an unbound control to create a label providing instructions to the user, a logo placed on a form, a combo or text box placed on a form so that the user can enter report criteria, or a rectangle placed on a form to logically group several controls.


What is the purpose of the Command Button Wizard?


The purpose of the Command Button Wizard is to quickly and easily add functionality to forms. It accomplishes this by writing the code necessary to perform more than 30 commonly required tasks.


Describe a query plan.


A query plan has information on the best way to execute a query based on available indexes and the volume of data.

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