Hour 20. Database Administration


Although you don't need to do too much to maintain an Access database, you must know about a few important techniques that ensure that you maintain databases as effectively as possible. The first technique you should be familiar with is compacting. Compacting a database means removing unused space from a database (that is, an .MDB file). The second technique involves backing up databases. Without a proper backup procedure in place, you are like a circus performer without a safety net. Another useful technique to have at your disposal is the ability to convert Access databases between the various file formats. Finally, it is important that you be able to detect broken references within a database. This hour covers these maintenance techniques, including the following:

  • How to back up and restore a database

  • How to compact and repair a database

  • How to encrypt and decrypt a database

  • How to convert a database to another version

  • How to create an MDE file

  • How to use the Database Splitter

    Part III: Creating Your Own Database and Objects
    Part V: Advanced Topics