Name four uses of forms.


Forms can be used for data entry, as switchboards, as dialog boxes, and as printed forms.


Explain the difference between AutoForm and the Form Wizard.


With AutoForm, you make no decisions. Access creates the form with no input from you. The process is very easy for you, but you have no control over the outcome. With the Form Wizard, you must make some decisions. Compared to using AutoForm, using the Form Wizard requires more knowledge and training on your part, but it gives you more control over the outcome.


Explain the use of the Conditional Formatting feature.


As its name implies, the Conditional Formatting feature allows you to conditionally format data. For example, if the sales amount is greater than a specified amount, you could display it in one color, and if it is less than or equal to that amount, you could display it in another color. As the user browses the form, the sales amounts stand out as appropriate.

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