Describe the problem associated with setting the Record Locks property to No Locks.


With No Locks, Access does not lock any data while it runs the report. Users can modify the data while the report is running, rendering subtotals and percentages of total calculations incorrect.


Explain the main reason you may see #error# in a control on a report when you run it.


Access does not allow you to give a control the same name as any field in the expression on which it is based. In other words, if you have a control named qty, you cannot base it on the expression =qty*price.


Explain the concept of the Link Child and Link Master properties.


The Link Child fields are the fields from the child report that link the child report to the master report. The Link Master fields are the fields from the master report that link the master report to the child report.


Explain what differentiates a sorting from a grouping.


When you designate a group header or a group footer in the Sorting and Grouping window, you create a grouping. Without the group header or group footer, Access uses the field or expression for sorting only.

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