Name five ways to add a table to an Access database.


You can create a table from a datasheet, you can build it from scratch, you can use a wizard to build it, you can import it, or you can link to it.


What is the main problem with building a table from a datasheet?


It is easy to build design flaws into a table when you use this method of table design and Access does not maintain the consistency in your data.


What are the five factors that influence what data type you select for a field?


You must consider the type of data that you will store in a field, whether you need to include the field's contents in calculations, whether you need to sort the data in the field, how you must sort the data in the field, and how important storage space is to you.


What is the purpose of the primary key index of a table?


It ensures uniqueness of the fields that make up the primary key and it determines the default order for the table.

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