Name the types of reports available in Access, and give a brief description of each.


Detail report: Supplies an entry for each record included in the report; Summary report: Provides summary data for all the records included in a report; Report with graphics and charts: Combine numbers and charts; Report with forms: Look like printed forms; Report with labels: Produces mailing labels.


Name the three sections that Access adds to every new report you create.


The three sections of a report that Access adds to every new report you create are the Page Header, Detail, and Page Footer sections.


Explain the difference between a page header and a report header.


The report header prints only once, at the very beginning of the report, whereas the page header prints at the top of every page.


Describe the design of a Summary report.


A Summary report contains nothing in its Detail section. All controls are placed in the Group Headers and Group Footers sections as well as in the Report Footer section. Because no controls are found in the Detail section, Access prints summary information only.

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