I am grateful to Chris Webb and Debra Williams Cauley for getting me started on writing Red Hat Linux 9 Professional Secrets. Ken Brown and Angela Smith guided me through the manuscript review process and kept everything moving. I really appreciated the thorough copyediting by the wonderful folks at Foxxe Editorial Services.

I would like to thank Matt Hayden for reviewing the manuscript for technical accuracy and providing many useful suggestions for improving the book's content.

Thanks to everyone at Wiley Publishing, Inc., for transforming my raw manuscript into this well-edited and beautifully packaged book.

Of course, there would be no reason for this book if it were not for Linux. For this, we have Linus Torvalds and the legions of Linux developers around the world to thank. Thanks to Red Hat for providing beta copies of Red Hat Linux and the publisher's edition CD-ROMs that are bundled with this book.

Finally, and as always, my greatest thanks go to my wife, Leha, and our daughters, Ivy, Emily, and Ashley-it is their love and support that keeps me going. Thanks for being there!